5.2(fri) amenohi concert#29 TSUBOUCHI ATSUSHI×ZENZAI KAZUYA, 아나킨 프로젝트


차세대/원시적 댄스뮤직을 연주하는 드럼과 노래와 춤의 세레머니밴드 'SUNDRUM'(동영상 보기). 주요멤버 두 분이 결성한 유닛 TSUBOUCHI ATSUSHI×ZENZAI KAZUYA가 일본에서 옵니다. 아프리카에서 타악기를 배우고 독자적 해석으로 연주하는 음악가 츠보우치 아츠씨와, 일본어 자작곡부터 인도 몽골의 고전가곡까지 장르를 넘어 노래하는 싱어송라이터 젠자이 카즈야. 요코하마 트리엔날레, 마츠모토 링고 음악제에서도 초청을 받은 자유롭고 강력한 새로운 음악을 체험해보세요.
한국에서는 인디 음악계의 아트집단 '아나킨 프로젝트'가 같이 출연합니다.

amenohi concert #29 TSUBOUCHI ATSUSHI×ZENZAI KAZUYA, 아나킨 프로젝트
2014.5.2(fri) open 20:15/start 20:30
W10,000/only 30 tickets(현매)

- 본 공연은 예약없이 현매로만 진행하고 선착순으로 입장 가능합니다.
- 커피, 맥주 등 구입 가능합니다. 음료반입 삼가주시기 바랍니다.
- 그 날 카페 영업은 19:00까지 합니다.


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Tsubouchi Atsushi Born in Japan 1982. Percussionist, musician. To play in the interpretation of its own to mix all styles, percussion instruments with a focus on African drums such as the djembe. He attended to Africa, travel to many countries in west-central Africa(Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon,and more..) to learn the traditional drum of each ethnic and play with them. Since 2007, the Mitamura Kan-da-dan based in Osaka , Working as a percussionist in the Grind Orchestra. Was transferred to Tokyo and then, through and collaboration with Indus & Rocks, formed a super-dimension band SUNDRUM ceremony of song and dance and percussion in 2009. Other live activities at the national, Yokohama Triennale 2011, Matsumoto RINGO music festival 2012 spring, autumn, Earth Arts Festival 2012 in Niigata. At that time, collaborated with the performance group Noridan of Korea. Also doing improvisation collaboration with artists in various fields, solo live,workshops,street performance. Basking six months and Australia-Africa-Europe, and touring with local musicians in Guinea 2012. Performance at Faranah international festival with Billy percussion ,ex National Percussion of Guinea. Musician Continue journey of sound on the wind.
ZENZAI KAZUYA Improvisation-based singer-songwriter. making and singing new asian mixture song. Of cause Japan classic folk song, also sings Mongolia folk songs. and Indian classical folk song. played all over the world.South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Germany, Russia. In 2006, performed in Chuncheon International Mime Festival.

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