Buffalo Daughter 앨범 'konjac-tion' 판매중

Buffalo Daughter / konjac-tion
Japan 2014 2CDs 105min electro/rock/pop 38,000won

20년넘게 세계적인 활동을 펼치는 밴드 버팔로도터가 4년만에 발표한 블록파티 앨범. 재켓은 Peter MacDonald가 제공, 게스트 보컬로 Kahimi Karie, 사카모토 신타로(ex.유라유라 테이코쿠) 등이 참여했다. 또 하나의 CD는 수나하라 요시노리(ex. DENKI GROOVE), 나가이 세이이치(상대성이론)등 화제의 아티스트가 제작한 리믹스집. 최신 일본음악 씬을 느끼세요.

DISC 1; Konjac-tion                    
1. Hit-it-go-round : Party is about to begin 

2. Le Cheval Blanc feat. カヒミ カリィ on voice

3. Golden Leaves feat. Pismo on vocal 

4. Calling Out From The World Of Echoes

5. Love & Food feat. 坂本慎太郎 on vocal

6. Oui Oui 

7. The Legend
8. Vicious Circle 

9. Bring Back 80’s 

10. Les Sirènes feat. Fuzati on rap

11. Don’t Stop The Music

DISC 2; Konjac-tion REMIX 10tracks                
1. Le Cheval Blanc Remixed by しんなりちゃん
2. Calling Out From The World Of Echoes Remixed by VARO
3. Golden Leaves Remixed by チボ・マット featuring Nels Cline on guitars
4. The Legend
Remixed by シャーロット・ケンプ・ミュール of the Goastt
and Jared Samuel of Invisible Familiars, featuring ショーン・レノン
5. Vicious Circle Remixed by 石原洋 at Peace Music Tokyo 
6. Love & Food Remixed by 永井聖一
7. Bring Back 80’ Remixed by 砂原良徳
8. Les Sirènes (Instrumental)
9. Don’t Stop The Music Remixed by Greeen Linez
10. Oui Oui (Demo)


雨乃日珈琲店/아메노히 커피점
/amenohi coffee

korea, seoul, mapo-gu,
donggyo-dong 184-12 101/map

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